Saturday Faturday


As if getting drunk on Friday night doesn’t have enough calories – enter Saturday Faturday: I am hungover and I will eat everything.

I’ve figured out hacks, tips and tricks for just about everything, but the one thing I haven’t quite figured out is how to deal with alcohol and its after effects.

When I’m drunk, or even tipsy, I must eat or I will die.
And when I’m hungover, I need to eat carby and fatty foods all day or else my hangover will never end.

Here is a list of things I ate today. (Keep in mind, it’s not even 1 PM):

  • 2 bagels
  • 1 cheeseburger
  • 1 lindt chocolate truffle
  • a few handfuls of caramel popcorn
  • (I currently have a sweet potato roasting in the oven)

How do you deal with incorporating alcohol into your life? 

For me, “just one drink” isn’t the answer. One drink is more than enough to get me drunk. Sadly, I’m a lightweight.

While losing weight, I try to avoid alcohol altogether. While maintaining, I drink but not often.

I suppose I could continue to eat carby and fatty foods, but rather than choosing a breakfast consisting of two bagels and cheeseburger, I could choose a healthier option. Maybe a nice wrap with avocado and some meat and nuts.

Or! I could just lay down on the couch all day while eating cheesefries. Hmm…


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17 thoughts on “Saturday Faturday”

  1. Biggest thing is hydration. If you are going to drink do 1:1…one water for every drink. Keeps you from drinking too much plus it prevents that crash that happens from dehydration. The other thing is to stick to low sugar/no sugar drinks….like clear alcohols (vodka, gin, etc) with diet tonic or diet soda. Often hangovers are not only from dehydration but sugar crashes. Try a meal heavy in protein when you know you will be drinking later that night

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    1. kris has a smart idea: when i’m at a “gathering” where I know there’ll be lotsa time raving (& drinking) if i’m schmardt, I will do the ” 1:1″ –> drink, then glass of water or soda, drink …

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      1. YES! I know I should stay hydrated, but I never take the steps to actually force myself to do it. 1:1 is a great idea!! Even two days later, I still have that feeling like “ugh I’ll never drink again!” but ineveitably the time will come and I will have to try that. That might be the solution to everything.


      2. I rarely have a hangover from a night of drinking anymore and it is because I stay well hydrated. It also takes purposeful intention not to pick up the next drink and sip that water while everyone else is having a good time.


  2. Oh poor little girl!
    I don’t drink alcohol anymore because I really felt it after just a drop 🙂
    I guess you just have to get through it and live with the consequences. You could do those extra 100 sit-ups to “earn” your cheeseburger 😉


  3. I can totally relate to you! I don’t drink often and really I don’t drink much, but when I am hungover, I need to eat everything in my house, mostly carby and fatty, I love bacon and eggs when I am hungover, typically an egg is 80 calories, and bacon is about 300 for 2-3 depending on what brand, so I try to keep my calorie count low, while still taking in the bacon and eggs. I also drink lots of water. But really my issue is the same as yours, it’s not the night I drink, that is considered the cheat night, it is the whole day after I drink that worries me! Good luck, and keep hydrated that will help you to feel full.

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    1. I, uh, “cheat.”
      I try to either RUN or ride (and make sure the ride has anerobic uphills ‘n such) so that I ..
      can DRiNK some afterweirds. and schmoak cigars. itsa vicious cycle: PURGE the lungs (and heart, and leg muscles) so that I can better? enjoy the cigar later. and, of course, I hafta ride or run to clear out the cigar (and alcohol) effex.

      I plan on run/riding more … soon!


    2. Thanks for your comment!! It’s so funny, because this is definitely at least a somewhat common issue – but there really aren’t a lot of people who talk about how much of an affect it can have on your weight loss.

      I’m not sure about you, but I definitely have a tendency towards binge eating to begin with, and so that is 100% exacerbated by even the smallest amount of alcohol, and especially the next day.

      But anyway – you’re totally right about the hydration. Some other commenters recommended the 1:1 ratio of water to drinks, which I think is a great idea. Will try that next time.

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      1. Binge eating…yup, I am the queen of binge eating, and yes it is far worse on hangover day, after my birthday last year, one of my friends made me home made scor…anyway – over the course of the day, the entire bag gone…yup…queen of binging, right here!


  4. If you take two 325mg regular aspirin-not -Acetaminophen,as alcohol/acetaminophen can cause major-as in can kill you major liver damage-and two 200mg ibuprofen with a full glass of water before bed.
    It’s like pre-treating your hangover,and your head will not be pounding in the morning.
    When you get up in the morning,drink an 8oz glass of cold V-8 juice first thing,then another in about a half hour.
    Eat two slices of whole wheat toast-real whole wheat-not mass produced,corn syrup added dyed brown made with all purpose white flour wheat bread-with real butter on it.
    You’ll feel much better,the toast will settle your stomach,the butter provides satiety,so you will feel somewhat full,eat another two slices if still hungry.
    Not all that many calories,it’s the right kind of carbs,and the right kind of fat.
    Avoid hangovers-stay drunk!
    Thanks for following my blog.

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    1. Thanks for the tips 🙂

      I’ve never tried V8 but actually thinking about it feels like it might just satisfy my hunger. I have an urge for tomatoey things – like pizza. Yesterday I ate a whole pie ://///

      But my favorite tip is staying drunk. I think that’s the way to do it. At least it’s the funnest way.

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      1. I would caution against acidic drinks/food the next day especially if you have acid reflux. Drinking can make it worse and the V-8 won’t feel better either.

        Most of the time you need electrolytes with water. Try Pedalyte with water or Gatorade with water the next day to replenish electrolytes that are making you feel nauseous and lethargic


  5. I no longer drink. Sacrifice all week long to blow it all on Friday evening and into Faturday? Definitely not worth it. Alcohol? That’s like hooking an IV full of sugar solution directly into the liver. Personal choices, for sure.

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    1. You are so right about that.

      With my total weight loss of about 60 pounds, what I did was lose it in spurts. So I would lose maybe 20 pounds in two – three months, and then spend a few months maintaining. During the times when I was maintaining, I drank occasionally, but stayed mindful. During weight loss, I think it’s basically impossible to drink.

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  6. Mmmm cheese fries…

    Water is def your best friend, maybe eat some avocado on toast with a fried egg on top? I mean, that is always so delicious to me! Or maybe next time aim not to have the stuff you shouldn’t eat in the house because who wants to go out to buy junk food with a hangover?


    1. Oh I ordered :///

      Yes avocado toast is probably a really great choice actually. I eat that all the time, but it just so happened I didn’t have avocados so I ordered pizza. I also walked a block to 7/11 to buy bagels 😥

      Next time I’ll have to be prepared.

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